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FIFA – Unanswered Questions and Corruption at the Top Level

Declan Hill, Canadian journalist and author of the book The Fix could not have summed up the questions, concerns and emotions felt by millions of soccer fans across the world after the announcement that Russia and Qatar would be hosting the 2018 and 2022 world cups respectively. 

Hill discusses issues such as corruption and mass murder across the world of professional sport in Russia going as far back as 1990. Nothing appears to have changed and nobody has been brought to justice for any of these crimes which leads to many questions one of which is: why all of a sudden does Russia deserve this bid with the many unanswered questions in Russia sport at the top level? Particularly, given the bizarre circumstances surrounding the bid process.

Hill goes on to discuss the disappointment of England not receiving the 2018 bid and finishes off with the most unfathomable of all…Qatar whom received the 2022 bid. Topics such as what to do drink, eat and how to dress are just the smallest yet obvious issues that fans of the game will ask when the tournament takes place. Not to mention stadiums, security/safety and overall what location would appeal most to fans of the world game.

With the events of today, I can’t help but be annoyed by athletes these days in professional sport. Very few athletes express their true opinions. They are too worried about upsetting the wrong person or damaging their image. It’s time to say what is on everybody’s mind and that is corruption at the top level i.e. FIFA! At least athletes are people of power that have the media’s attention and can bring attention to the subject. This topic is far too obvious to not be considered anymore.

Branching off from this, futbol fans must realize that FIFA doesn’t have a governing body. In other words, nobody looks over their actions and how they do business. Nothing comes into question and when an issue is brought up they quickly silence it how they please.

It’s sad to say but the decisions made by FIFA for the coming world cups do not help the credibility of the game.

To read Declan Hill’s very interesting blog on the events of these selections click the following link Stumped, Unanswered Questions and an Organization with a Credibility Death-Wish

More to come.

Philip MacDonald

By Philip MacDonald

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