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Who said women are less skilled than men?

Everyone, at one point or another, has been introduced to the magical skill of some of the best soccer players ever to grace the game.  The 1986 World Cup saw Maradona take on an entire team from half field and score a goal for the ages.  Barcelona’s Lionel Messi essentially copy & pasted Maradona’s effort and went through an entire team to score an almost identical goal.  Ronaldinho has pranced through so many players and teams that its difficult to pinpoint just one effort. But where my girls at?

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What’s the Rush?…Slow the game down

About 8 years ago, my soccer team traveled to Europe for a soccer tournament.  We had an abundance of players that were aspiring to make an impression on the local European scouts.

Part of our experience, while in Amsterdam, Holland, included a 3 hour training session with one of the most respected Dutch coaches in the area.  As we approached the training facility, we were blown away. 

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Freekicks: the Ronaldo Rocket

Christiano Ronaldo has been ordained as one of the best free kick takers of all time.  His unique approach to striking the ball during a free-kick has left goalies baffled and players envious.  There are 3 simple tips that, if practiced continuously, can be the catalyst for your shot to become a rocket.  Here are the tips that no one else is willing to share.

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What to Eat Post-Game

Many players spend a lot of time preparing themselves for a training session and games by improving their diet and changing their lifestyle.  This helps them perform at their best.  However, many players also forget about how to treat their body post-games.  What you eat and drink after a game is just as important if not more important that what you have before a game…

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Purple cleats?! C’Mon Man…

For those of you who are NFL fans, you will have watched Chris Berman and the cast of ESPN Primetime this past season covering, and commenting on, many football games.  A portion of their broadcast would often be dedicated to issues and events – on and off the field – that make you say C’Mon Man.  Each cast member would pick an event or a happening that either made them laugh or made them want to hold their head in their hands, show it on air, then finish by saying C’Mon Man.

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Winning on a technicality means nothing

Face it…winning on a technically is nothing to be proud about! Each year there are soccer teams that win because of off-field protests.  This happens at all levels of the game.  Red cards are over turned, yellow cards are overturned, protests regarding player eligibility come to the forefront, certain games have to be replayed and the list goes on and on.

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5 Steps to get out of a slump

Most athletes go through a slow period or slump throughout their careers.  Often time’s athletes don’t know why they have gone in the slump or how they got out of it.  Some athletes “ride it out” and wait for the better days to come but there are a number of things you can do to help your situation.  Below are just a few.

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Teamwork: Understanding the 4-5-1 Formation

The 4-5-1 formation has become an increasingly established European formation. Coaches and teams alike in Europe have proved it is – if played correctly – one of the most effective soccer formations.

Some of the notable teams that use this formation are:

  • Spanish, European and world champions FC Barcelona;
  • English Premier League champions and European runners-up Chelsea FC; and
  • AC Milan of the Italian Serie A among others.

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