Running on the balls of your feet

If you want to be faster player overall and have a quicker first step then it’s time you start running on the balls of your feet.  There are a number of reasons for this:

  • it will make you a lighter player when you run
  • you will become a smoother player
  • you will become more mobile. The more mobile you are with and without the ball, the more difficult you will become to stop

Unfortunately many players run too heavy on their feet. Their foot mechanics are “heel…toe.” Instead, try to break this routine and always run on the balls of your feet.  In effect, you’ll move around the pitch almost like a ballerina or the way a boxer would around the ring. As a result, you will become that much smoother as a runner and have a sort of bounce in your step.

The same goes for American football players. Some of those linemen are over 300lbs but they need to be extremely quick off the snap of the ball. The way they are quick is by running on the balls of their feet. This concept applies to almost all sports. The quicker you, the more effective you will be.

Watch this highlight video of Robinho and notice how light he is when he runs. Next time you train, start implementing this into your game.

What do you think?