Don’t Forget About Andriy Shevchenko

Ukrainian striker and AC Milan legend Andriy Shevchenko is a player that is often forgotten when great strikers are discussed yet he is one we can learn much from. It was unfortunate to see him move to Chelsea in the prime of his career and not produce the same results he did while playing for Milan, however, no matter what, we can always learn from a talented player. Shevchenko’s talent and the number of goals he scored in his career (and counting) must be respected.

Shevchenko isn’t fast like many strikers today nor does he have an array of flashy skills but what he does have is an excellent touch on the ball, a deadly strike of the ball from anywhere inside or outside the box and he utilizes his size to shield and push defenders away to create opportunities for himself. The only player that does this today the same way Shevchenko did is Chelsea striker Didier Drogba. In fact, it is Drogba who credits much of his development as a striker to Shevchenko while they played together at Chelsea.

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