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The final moment before you shoot on net will greatly determine how accurate your shot will be and how likely you are to score. Many players don’t even look to see where the goalie is positioned and often strike the ball as hard as they can and hope for the best. However, there is a routine you should get in the habit of doing each and every time right before you shoot the ball which will increase your scoring chances every time.

The three key points when you’re on the run, have a defender in front of you and are in shooting distance from net are:

  1. look at the ball in front of you
  2. look where the defender is positioned
  3. look where the goalie is positioned in the net

note: it is very important to do them in this order. It then becomes a one motion where the head starts down and goes up. Remember, the key point here is that these three glances should be done inĀ one motion. This way you know where the ball is, where the defender is and finally where the goalie is. Based on this information you can better position your body and make a more accurate shot.

Give it a try. It may seem awkward at first but once you get the hang of it, you are at a huge advantage. You will have a huge advantage because this is the final moment before shooting and you’ve visually covered everything in front of you. Now you can decide what your next move will be while everybody else is simply reacting to you.

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