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Canada in the World Cup 2014?!!!

With the 2014 World Cup now over it is time to reflect on soccer in Canada. As a Canadian it dawned on me that no Canadians spoke of Canada or its lack of participation in the tournament. Instead, the question was which country are you cheering for?` Canadians in general talk about how the sport is growing but the growth for our own players, development and national team as a whole has a long way to go. That shift in mentality for the average citizen and Canadian sports fan has a long way to go. Is it bad to cheer for another country? By all means no…but that sort of support does not happen in other parts of the world.

I watched the world cup as a soccer fan but there was no overall cheering for one country over another. I was excited at goals, individual brilliance and great teams plays. Even with many European roots and family still in Europe I still could not cheer for one country. Jumping on board for one team never seemed as a solution. However, most Canadians that did this could not even name the starting line-up or better yet a handful of players for the team they supported.

Then I heard about an article from Declan Hill, author of the Fix: Soccer and Organised Crime. Hill, shares an interesting view on the subject of soccer in Canada. Whether you agree or disagree it certainly would be interesting to see out some of his ideas. Click here or copy the link below to have a look at his article.

Declan Hill: Why Canada cheers other countries in the World Cup

By Philip MacDonald

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