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Cico Kranjčar is a gentleman’s football manager. After an injury to one of the players on the opposing team, the ball was kicked out to allow the player to be tended to. Kranjcar’s visiting team gave the ball back to the keeper of the home side in a fair play gesture, but for some reason one of the forwards of his team (yellow jersey) took the ball and tried to score. A penalty was awarded after the keeper had to the bring the player down. Kranjčar then ordered his player to not attempt to score and return the ball to the keeper for an unsportsmanlike and undeserved penalty.
In this blog by Goalden’s Phil MacDonald, he talks about the lack of professionalism in soccer.  This is, without a doubt, my main issue with the modern day game.  Coaches flip off refs and think it’s normal; players wear pink shoes to accompany the barrage of tattoos on their arms and think they’re setting a positive example; and fans attack players with racial comments.

I’m really getting more and more pissed off with the lack of decent people in the game. It takes a real man to be a gentleman, yet I see very little of it in the game.  It’s examples such as these, manager Kranjcar, that give me hope.

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