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I’ve been reading Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography and wanted to shed light on this book. But before I begin, much has already been written about this book and the wave of interest has gone by for many. However, a great deal can be learned from this man who won so much over his career and managed some of the biggest personalities in world football.

On the other side of the equation, I do agree with Roy Keane when he says he doesn’t understand why Ferguson had to go out and criticize so many of his former players. Ferguson will be speak highly of his players for a small paragraph or a page and then the rest of the chapter he will go into detail about the fallout and makes subtle insults with regards to certain players. I found this approach interesting and wondered how much of it was necessary.

Before reading the book, I knew Ferguson explained the fallouts which is one of the main reasons I wanted to read it but I think the higher road would have been to keep much of these problems within the club. And if he, Ferguson, had to explain a fallout then limiting the details of the event might have been better (perhaps we even received a brief summary of events).

Ferguson she’s light on so many areas of his life and his relationships from the footballing world to his person relationships. If I distance myself from his personal fallouts amongst certain great players of the past then there is much to be learned from Ferguson. And most of all, it is an inspirational book to say the least.

Whether you’re managing a team for your business, in front of students, coaching a team or even looking to build leadership qualities then this book will shed light on some of the methods used by Ferguson. You’ll cover a vast array of areas of Ferguson’s life to understand why and how he did certain things throughout his career and from that can apply what you’d like to your own areas of life.

Whether or not you are a fan of Ferguson or Manchester United, there is no doubt that he had enormous success therefore learning from him can only better your own abilities.

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