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It’s only the Carling Cup but it’ll be interesting to see how Arsenal bounce back from this loss. Perhaps they are and were always more focused on the Premiership and Champions League but the smaller games against weaker opponents is where you build confidence and gain momentum to carry you down the stretch. In all fairness, Arsenal were playing without Cesc Fabregas and Theo Walcott. In addition, Arsene Wenger used the Carling Cup as a testing ground for players who looked as though they couldn’t grow a mustache.

At the same time credit must be given to Birmingham City. They played attacking football and ultimately toughed out the biggest win the club has seen since 1963, when it last won the league cup.

As Sir Alex Ferguson has said on numerous occasions: “the team that is the most consistent down the final stretch of the season is the one that stands the greatest chance of winning the league.”

Arsenal have the second leg of their Champions League bracket versus Barcelona, are fighting for first place in the Premiership (versus Man Utd) and still have to play Man Utd. It will be interesting to see how Gunners finish up.

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