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This blog is about shooting from half or as far out as 40 yards. I don’t recommend shooting from this distance regularly. However, if the opportunity arises seize it like any other scoring chance. The key element to scoring a goal from this distance, besides accuracy, is to surprise everyone including the goalie. Normally, goals that are scored from outside the box are not a surprise to anyone. The goalie simply isn’t able to move in time to save the ball. However, when shooting from even further out there is a key difference compared to a normal 25 yard shot.

Only shoot from half if you notice the opposing goalie way off his line. He could be at the edge of the 18 yard box or even further out. Those are the opportunities where you can surprise him and everyone else for that matter. Watch the goalie throughout the game (even when you don’t have the ball). Take note of where he likes to position himself. You might notice early in the game that he stands on the edge of the 18 yard box and then 60 minutes later get the chance to shoot from long range. That is when you should take the opportunity.

Watch these great goals from half and beyond. The first is from a young David Beckham who scores in the FA cup as an 21-year old. This was the goal that truly put him on the map. The second clip comes from Xavi Alonso when he played for Liverpool. What incredible strikes of the ball. Practice shooting from this distance in training and give it a try in a game.

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