Injuries – Types and Rehabilitation

Tibia fibula fracture & recovery

As mentioned in earlier articles, Goalden is an educational soccer blog where the writers write on a variety of soccer topics to promote the game. The idea was never to write about us but instead on other people and how they achieved their ambitions in soccer. In the end we are hoping to inspire others. With that being said, this summer I had friends and family document my rehabilitation after my tibia fibula fracture in an Ontario Cup soccer game. The footage was used to track my progress for myself as well as for those that assisted in my recovery. 

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Rehabbing From a Broken Leg

No matter the level of competition, most of us have experienced a soccer injury. Broken legs are one serious form of soccer injury which occurs at all levels of play.  Some famous professionals who have broken their legs in a game include Swedish footballer Henrik Larsen when playing for Rangers, Eduardo da Silva when playing of Arsenal, Alan Smith and Antonio Valencia who each broke a leg while playing for Manchester United. Obviously, this type of injury can happen to any one of us.

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