Marketing Yourself as a Soccer Player

Soccer on the rise in North America

The New York Red Bulls of the MLS – whether they realize it or not – have embarked on a project that will change North American soccer forever.  Earlier this summer they signed French allstar Thierry Henry and recently confirmed that they have added the Mexican legend Rafael Marquez to their lineup.  For the New York Red Bull, at a micro-scale, this project involves creating a team that is built to make a championship run.  At a macro-scale, they are raising the bar for soccer in North America as a whole.  Marquez and Henry are both coming from arguably the best team in Europe: FC Barcalona.

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What Are the Chances of Walking On?

If you want to play soccer in college, obviously the best situation is to be recruited by a top school, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Whether due to injury or not getting in front of the right coach, some players just don’t make a connection with the coaches at a school they want to attend, yet they want to play soccer in college.

In that case, the player might try walking on.

What Does “Walking On” Mean?…

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The Do’s & Don’ts — Marketing Yourself Online

I was recently browsing one of my soccer friends facebook page and noticed he put the link to his personal soccer website. Like many young soccer players, he is trying to be noticed by professional clubs, make a name for himself and play at a higher level. After looking through his site I noticed a number of areas where he could greatly improve his site. These areas aren’t so much about design and colour but the content of his site.

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Marketing Yourself – For High School Players

If you’re a high school soccer player and want to continue playing in college, start planning as early as your freshman year.  While premier-level teams or developmental programs like ODP usually market their players and are well known to college coaches, some other teams aren’t so organized.

If your team is lacking in the marketing department, you can still make a college squad.  It will just take a little more effort on your part.  To make sure you find a spot on a roster when your time comes, consider doing the following.

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9 Things to Know About Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships drive college searches more than they should. Some parents seem to think the money they’ve “invested” in training, teams and travel should come back to them by way of college scholarships.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality. Athletic scholarships should not drive the college selection process and it’s important to understand the advantages—and disadvantages—of receiving them.

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Inside the mind of a soccer scout


A scout (in any sport) grade the players in a general category and in a position specific category, evaluating 4 pillars needed: technical qualities, tactical qualities, physical abilities and psychological qualities.
For soccer some aspects included in the evaluation are:

Natural Ability: Speed/Stamina, Reaction/Ability, and Strength/Coordination

Fitness: strength, speed, endurance, agility, quickness, coordination and balance

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Soccer Networking

Ever heard of a colleague or friend getting a job because they already knew somebody in the company?  How about making the high school soccer team because the coach had a class favorite?  Or even getting cut from a team for personality reasons?  Silly as these possibilities may be, they exist on both ends of the spectrum for receiving a “lucky” or unlucky break.  Networking in soccer is just as big as in other parts of life and business. 

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Dallas Cup: THE Showcase Tournament

As with many things in life if you want something, go get it.  As one of my university professors once said “if you want change, you have to change yourself or your situation.  You’re crazy to expect better results if you’re doing the same thing over and over again.”  With that being said there are many soccer tournaments in North America that are great venues to participate in as a player that will expose you to the best players and top scouts around.

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Make Your Highlight Video Stand Out!

Whatever the purpose of your highlight video there are solid ways to go about creating the best video out there.  After all, who wouldn’t want a great highlight video?  However, many people create videos that do not help their cause or the viewer simply loses interest for reasons other than the content itself.  There are some things you can do though to help make your video stand out.  

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Things to Consider When Choosing a College

            Colleges and universities come in all sorts: small and large, compact or spread out, rural, suburban, or urban, a close community or one with little interaction outside the classroom, and more or less academically rigorous.  The choices are almost endless. 

            Without some way to eliminate some from your list, the number of schools you’re considering might be impossibly long.  But even if you aren’t sure what you want in a school, a desire to play soccer can help narrow your choices.  After all, there will likely be a limited number of schools where you match the coach’s criteria, and if you want to play, your best bet is at a school where the coach is interested in you. 

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