Soccer Comedy

Why goalkeepers shouldn’t be too quick to celebrate

If you’re a goalie: never celebrate until you are 100% sure the ball is not in the net. Better yet, make sure the ball is cleared away from the net. Most often in goalie blunders, the goalie his eyes off the ball and it results in an embarrassing moment. In this clip, the goalkeeper immediately starts walking away and pumping his fists while the ball hasn’t been cleared away from the net. Big mistake! Watch and see what happens…

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Diving is cheating

It never ceases to amaze me how often I see diving in soccer.  More so than ever, players are pretending to get hurt in order to win a foul.  Some call it smart, I call it cheating.

When a player is seen simulating a foul, they are given a yellow card because it is against the rules of soccer.  The problem is that some players do such a good job of it – and often times the referee can’t see everything – that they get the calls in their favor.  Keep the drama at home.

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Soccer’s lighter side…

Here at Goalden we are very committed to promoting the development of soccer at a personal level, national level and international level.  Every now and then, however, it’s important to take a step back from the tips, strategies, tactics and tutorials, in order to have a good laugh and lighten the soul.  With so many players on the field paving the way for so many different scenario’s to unravel, there’s bound to be some comedy:

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