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The Need to Know About Champions League

You’ve likely heard of the EUFA Champions League and know a little about it but many young players do not know how it works or the importance of it.  The EUFA Champions League is often referred to simply as “The Champions League.”  It is the biggest year around tournament for the best European soccer clubs. 

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Why you should play on a balanced team

Deciding which team you should play for is a big decision for your soccer career.  The ideas mentioned in this blog are universal for all levels of play and age groups.  If you are so fortunate to have several options to teams to chose from then all the better.  On the other side you may have fewer options.  Either way there are a number of areas to consider and questions you should ask yourself prior to selecting a club.

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How Soccer Explains The World

For Christmas a few years ago I was given the book titled How Soccer Explains The World – an unlikely theory of globalization by Franklin Foer.  I remember enjoying reading it very much and recently decided to pick it up again and re-educate myself.  The author, Franklin Foer, is a contributing editor at New York magazine and senior editor at The New Republic.  His writings have also appeared in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.  He took a year off to travel the world and interview some of the biggest club representatives, firm bosses, players and hooligans in the world.  His research details how soccer is affecting and and in many ways creating globalization.

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