Soccer / Football Player Motivation

Pre-Game warm up: get in the zone and…relax?

Before any type of exercise, a warm up of some sort is crucial.  A proper warm up consists of increasing the blood flow to your muscles while decreasing the chance for injury.  Do it correctly an you will increase your capacity for a healthy performance.  It is for this reason that you will see athletes in any sport warming up meticulously before any serious training session or game.

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How Badly Do You Want to be a Soccer Player?

How badly do you want to be a soccer player?  I mean really, how bad do you want it?  When is the last time you worked on your conditioning?  Your right foot…and your left? How often are you training with the ball?  What about your weaknesses, are you working on them?  How many balls have you shot this week? Were you expecting to magically be a better player this upcoming season?  While you hope things get better, players who really want it are taking action.  Become better…

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The Real Captain Fantastic

Each of us has our own ideas as to what a good captain is and how he should behave. The ideal captain for me is someone who can inspire his entire team. He puts everything out on the field and works for the greater goal rather than any individual accolades. He sticks up for any one of his teammates when necessary. He is a vocal leader but can also lead by example on the pitch. Not only that but he is a great player, plays consistently at a high level and can even win big games.

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Stop making excuses

How many of us wish we were as good as Lionel Messi in soccer; Michael Jordan in basketball; or Wayne Gretzky in hockey?  Why is it that we wish, and not act?  Why do we make it seem as though these players simply grew up with supernatural skills and succeeded with ease, rather then understand that they devoted their lives to the sport?  Why is it we tell ourselves we can’t be as good as Messi, Jordan or Gretzky?…because we make excuses.

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The Perfect Goal

The Brazilian national soccer team that won the 1970 World Cup in Mexico was a team that we can always learn from. They played some of the best possession and attacking football seen to this day.

Watch the build up and finally triumphant goal that Carlos Alberto scored off the Pele assist in the 1970 world cup versus Italy. The Brazilian players were calm and collective with the ball in their defense third all the way into the offensive third before the goal was scored. What an incredible play to witness. I can only imagine what it must have felt like to be in the stadium and witness this moment of history with my own eyes.

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