Soccer / Football Player Motivation

The importance of having different coaches

Many soccer players today offer the same quality of skill and their fitness level is top.  So what separates players these days?  You’re doing all the right work on and off the field so how do you separate yourself from the competition? The answer is that the smarter player is the one that will stand out.  How do you become a smarter player?  By exposing yourself to different coaches who will help you develop your game.

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How to set Goals for your Club

In order for your club to have a successful season everybody needs to be aware of the goals are for the upcoming season.  Everybody needs to be on-board and working towards one common goal.  Follow these steps and your team will be realizing its goals.  

Step #1) Identify organization goals: the manager, owner, president, team coach, board members, committee or those other individuals who represent the club need to clearly identify what the short, medium and long term goals are.  Once these goals have been identified a plan needs to be put in place in order for them to happen.   

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