Soccer Training & Fitness

Skill Development – Shielding the Ball


The clock is ticking, your team is holding on to a slim one goal lead and YOU get ball possession deep in your own half. Do you try to move the ball forward ? Pass the ball to a fellow player ?

NO !!

Professionals learn to shield a ball. It is one of the most important soccer techniques used to keep possession in a tight space.

What is Shielding ?

When a player in possession of the ball puts his body between the ball and the opposing player creating a physical barrier. This ball protection is called shielding.

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Ronaldo’s Dribbling Secrets

“Every time I went away I was deceiving my mum. I’d tell her I was going to school but I’d be out on the street playing football. I always had a ball on my feet.” – Ronaldo

A skilled dribbler like Ronaldo can destroy even the best-organized defenses and embarrass opponents with slick footwork and improvisation. His perfected technique, combined with strength, control, speed, and awareness of other players on the field make him an masterful dribbler that leaves his fans in awe.

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Goalkeeping 101


Reflexes – This is the speed that the goalkeeper is able to react to a situation and/or a ball.

Pressure Decisions – Decisions made under pressure sometimes lead to wrong actions like coming out of the box to soon or trying to tackle a ball from an attacker when you have a defender in the area. Bad goalkeeper decisions lead to goals.

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