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The World Cup Brings People Together

This past weekend while working a promotional event at the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) in downtown Toronto I was able to take part in a very large world cup street party.  This street party was part of what has been known as Soccer Day in Canada. Like many cities around the world hosting similar events, this was a fun filled street party. Several streets were closed off to traffic allowing businesses and tents to be set up for the general public. There were a number of sporting companies on site, a large beer tent, a stage for musical performances and several large screen tv’s which showed the Toronto FC game (MLS), the third place between Uruguay and Germany and the finals between Holland and Spain. The entire weekend was a great soccer event that was free of charge and brought together people of all nationalities and backgrounds for one thing: the love of the game.

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Time to Learn from World Cup Mistakes

While watching the FIFA 2010 World Cup, teams and players are committing errors that they would normally not do at club level. There are moments of brilliance followed by moments of complete mental lapse and selfishness. The problem at the top level is that good teams will punish you for your errors and often times it is the smallest detail that will determine whether you win or lose. No matter your level of play, whether you’re playing in the world cup or college level, each of us can take away from this and learn not to make the same errors.

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Cheaters Never Win?

Luis Suarez, the player from Uruguay red-carded in the 121st minute of the Uruguay-Ghana game in the Word Cup quarterfinals, has turned from a goat into a hero, at least in his home country. While his handball was a blatant foul, it put his team into the semifinals of the World Cup.

Cheating is never a good thing, but there are times when a player must sacrifice himself for the team.  And for Luis Suárez, who plays as a forward, this was one of those times.

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The time is NOW (Technology in Soccer)

This year’s world cup has brought many things; excitement, drama, heart wrenching disappointment and of course CONTROVERSY.
As a long-time advocate of technology in sport, it amazes me how the soccer powers that be, still fail to embrace the 21th century. Why leave to chance a botched call that can be so easily resolved by a 10 second review of the game.

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The American Dream…not quite yet

As one commentator put it, “the American dream has come to an end.”  The men’s US nation soccer team fell out of the 2010 World Cup in the round-of-16. Once the dust settles, there are many questions to be answered: did the US exceed expectations or fall short?  Where does US soccer rank in comparison to the top teams in the world?  Finally, what conclusions can be drawn about US soccer and, ultimately, North American soccer?

You want the good news or the bad news?  Let’s start with the bad news…

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6 World Cup Secrets to Surprise Everyone

When your skill level becomes very abundant and your team is playing at a high level it is often the smallest details of the game that separate one team from another, one player from another. The smartest and best players often have a trick or two up their sleeve in case the time comes to use it. They have often practiced these traits in training and mentally gone over the scenario in case the play occurs in a game. This summer’s world cup has seen some ‘sneaky’ goals scored and surprise plays that were by no means lucky. Whether you’re a professional or amateur player developing these secrets will always put you one step ahead of the competition and make you a feared apponent. 

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C’Mon Man! Have some Respect

Ahh, the good old French.  From public disputes between players and coaches, to the sending home of self-centered stars, right to the resignation of the soccer federations president, this years French squad was nothing short of a walking time bomb waiting to implode.  With one of the most disappointing and controversial World Cup campaigns in French History, you couldn’t help but think you’d seen it all…right?  Wrong.

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Seeing the World Cup Live…find out what it’s like!

The other day my brother sent me an instant message letting me know that the World Cup trophy would be in Toronto on display to the public all day long at the CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Knowing this, I had to see it with my own eyes.

World Cup Fever


P.S ( No Cheating , Answers at bottom of the Page )

1. Who won the first World Cup ?
2. What year was the first World Cup held ?
3. Which country holds the Most World Cup Titles ?
4. Where was the first World Cup held ?
5. Which country has been beaten the most times in the final ? (Hint:: Lost 3 times)
6. Which country is the only one to have played in every World Cup ?
7. What type of animal was the 1966 World Cup Mascot ?

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What Style of Play Suits Your Team Best?

Begin to appreciate styles.

All of us are different.  We all have different personalities, different views of what works and does not work and we all have our style.  When I stay style, I am not referring to the clothes on your back; I am referring to your life style.  We all walk differently, talk differently and live differently.