World Cup Fever

Caution: Match Fixing in the Beautiful Game

A topic many soccer fans (and sports fans for that matter) fail to acknowledge or don’t take seriously is match fixing. Match fixing has polluted many sports and it has been going on for a long time at every level. How it happens is an entirely separate process but believe me…it happens and it will continue to happen.

Most people are surprised, even shocked, to hear that match fixing occurs.  Because it is such a secretive and manipulative process, the general public remains blind and unaware.

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P.S ( No Cheating , Answers at bottom of the Page )

1. Who won the first World Cup ?
2. What year was the first World Cup held ?
3. Which country holds the Most World Cup Titles ?
4. Where was the first World Cup held ?
5. Which country has been beaten the most times in the final ? (Hint:: Lost 3 times)
6. Which country is the only one to have played in every World Cup ?
7. What type of animal was the 1966 World Cup Mascot ?

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