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He scores! Pandemonium breaks out in the stadium. The fans are ecstatic. His team-mates are absolutely joyous.  And he decides to do what?

Introducing Marouane Fellaini. He is a Belgian international that is best known for his current role as a Manchester United offensive-midfielder (although I would argue he is best known for his hairdo). He was signed by Manchester United in September of 2013 for £27,500,000; the equivalent of approximately $41,000,000.

Since his signing, he has appeared a total of 44 times for Manchester United in all competitions (worth noting, not all of those 44 appearances were for a full 90 minutes). In that time, he has scored 5 goals.

After recently scoring a goal, he decided to point at the name on his jersey during his celebration (see above picture). How thoughtful.

Let me get this straight: you have scored 5 goals (!) in 44 games (!) and you are pointing at the name on your jersey? Really?

What message does that send to your team who worked tirelessly to put you in a scoring position? What message does that send to the coaching staff who spent hours surgically preparing you for the game? What message does that send to the club and its owners who have made a sizeable investment in you? What message does that send to the fans who are there to support the crest that you are wearing on that same jersey?

What a joke.

Fellaini is a member of a group where there is no shortage of self-absorbed human beings. And the list grows daily.

To clarify, I am a firm believer that goals should be celebrated. In fact, I accept that the weight of a moment can cause some players to do crazy things. Fine. But the way Fellaini and other narcissistic athletes are celebrating goals is intrinsically wrong.  It is disrespectful and degrading.

Show a little class.

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