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It’s about time goal-line technology will be implemented in professional soccer!  For years teams have been eliminated from major tournaments because of disallowed goals or because goals were allowed that should not have been. Those results changed the points in the tables and as a result teams/countries ended their pursuit of championship glory. All of that is about to change.

With today’s technology, every bit of the game being dissected for analysis and for the fans perspective (i.e. the distance a player ran during a match, the distance a free kick is taken from the net, the speed at which the ball is travelling once struck etc). The technology for goal-line review has long existed and would be a simple two second verification to clarify any situation that arises.

The reality is referees make errors. The game is moving so quickly and so much happens in a split second therefore, having goal-line technology will only help the officials and teams alike. With this being the case the International football’s FA board (IFAB) is set to approve goal-line technology.

The board will back both the Hawk-Eye and the GoalRef systems in Zurich which means the technology can be introduced by the Premier and the FA. Hawk-Eye, developed by a British company, is based on cameras, while GoalRef, a Danish-German development, uses magnetic fields. Officials will still have the final say as to whether the ball has crossed the line.

The good news is that change is coming. Goal-line technology is this is the right solution to the problem.

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