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Congratulations to the Canadian women’s soccer team who captured a bronze medal in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The women’s team not only captured bronze but captured the attention of the soccer world and have helped raise the level of women’s soccer in Canada. It also happened to be the first team medal that a Canadian team has won in over 70 years.

Even though the French national team were a far better in the bronze medal game the Canadians made the best of their one chance with the 30 seconds left in extra time winning 1-0 and held on to win. This just shows that anything can happen in soccer.

Without getting into the controversy that resulted in the women’s team being eliminated from the semi-finals we would rather look at the positive that the team brought. As a result of the incredible performances this summer, the women’s team has inspired a generation of younger players. This is a great segway into the Women’s World Cup which will be held in Edmonton Alberta in 2015.

As for individual play, there was no question that Christine Sinclair was Canada’s best player. Without her that offensive attack would have been greatly reduced. However, it took a team to receive that medal and Canada succeeded on this front and many others. Once again congratulations for raising the level and standard of women’s soccer in Canada.

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