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The paradox of the modern soccer game is that it has gravitated towards speed and quickness, however, more than ever, the need for composure is colossal.  Players and teams alike seem to have trouble finding patience on the field when all of the expectations are geared towards flashy moves, explosive runs and fabulous goals.  What soccer is missing, is the development of players who have a sobering affect on the game.

I recently watched my soccer team take part in a pre-season tournament.  I was unable to play due to a knee injury that has plagued me.  The players that make up our team are extremely skilled and posses many of the above listed characteristics that make-up a modern soccer team: skill, speed and power.  Watching them, one thing that was evident was that many teams simply couldn’t keep up with our players and we beat them on sheer speed.

In one of the games, we ran into a team where speed wasn’t enough.  Now, experience and tactical understanding was required.  The problem?  Our guys continued to try beat the other team with speed and skill.  There wasn’t a player on the field to slow the game down and dictate where to play and what balls to play.

I can go on for days and dissect what I think could have been done, but for the purpose of this blog, I’ll talk about one major characteristic that was missing – calmness.  Not one player on the field was able to take control of the game and slow things down.  Everyone that got the ball continuously tried to make long passes or beat their opponent with moves and speed.  Ultimately, bad decisions were made.  Rather than bringing the ball under control and making the easy pass – the smart pass – players were caught trying to do too much.

Why?  Why is it important for calmness?  When there isn’t a player to calm the game down and bring things under control, every other player begins  to get frustrated.  Once players are frustrated, you can be guaranteed that the game will get out of control and bad things will happen.

Having someone who is able to hold the ball and dictate the pace of a game is invaluable.  Actually, it’s so important that it’s the difference between a good team and a great team.  You need a player on the field who can see that one style of game isn’t working, so let’s change it up and try something else.  Instead of playing the ball up the wing, let’s try go up the middle.  Not working?  Ok lets try something else. Until you have a player on the field who is able to diagnose a problem, you will have a tough time winning games.

When Sir Alex Ferguson recently received word that his star central defenders – Rio Ferdinand – was fit to play after a long injury stint, he was ecstatic.  He went on to explain that the reason he’s so happy is because Ferdinand brings a calmness and control to the game that has been missing from their team.  Ferdinand is able to slow a game down when no one else would think to slow it down.

But, Ivan, you say we need someone on the field who is cool, calm & collected…we don’t have someone like that on our team. Some players are built with speed, some with power and others with a calm nature to them.  The players with a calm nature to their game are the players you need to identify on your team and build around.  They will bring a balance that will win you games when you need it most.

I would strongly suggest that coaches and organizations across the world begin to revert their attention back to the development of players who can control a game rather than beat their opponent with speed.  These players will lead your team through any storm.


  • Ron says:

    Here I can agree with you. You’re football philosophy is spot on. As a centre-midfilder there are many times I become frustrated in a game because instead of trying to keep control of a game and play an easy pass a team mate decides to run into a blind alley or attempt the ‘Hollywood’ ball. Sometimes calmness and simplicity is what is required.

    • wp_user_avatar Ivan Bobanovic says:

      Thanks for your comment, Ron. When I ponder the value of a calm player, I can’t help but think about a brilliant quote I read by Napoleon. It reads: “The art of war does not require complicated maneuvers; the simplest are best, and common sense is fundamental. From which one might wonder how it is generals make blunders; it is because they try to be clever.”
      In that same frame of mind, when players try be clever and make plays that are “hollywood” (I love how you’ve used this word – I’m going to use it every chance I get), mistakes are made and battles are lost.
      The easy ball is often the best ball and the correct ball.

  • Was says:

    With calmness it also gives time for our team mates to judge and position themselves to make the right run. Calmness will definitely lead through any storm.

    • wp_user_avatar Ivan Bobanovic says:

      Calmness is the most underrated asset of a player in the game of soccer. Consider a player like Xavi with Barcalona, he calms his entire team down with the pace of his passes and the decisions he makes.

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