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It never ceases to amaze me how often I see diving in soccer.  More so than ever, players are pretending to get hurt in order to win a foul.  Some call it smart, I call it cheating.

When a player is seen simulating a foul, they are given a yellow card because it is against the rules of soccer.  The problem is that some players do such a good job of it – and often times the referee can’t see everything – that they get the calls in their favor.  Keep the drama at home.

If you dive you begin to lose the respect of those around you as well as the referee.  When Christiano Ronaldo first entered the English Premier league as a star for Manchester United, he quickly became known as a diver and a faker.  Consequently, referee’s began to have no mercy for him.  Even when he was actually being fouled, the referee’s wouldn’t make the call.  Even worst, players began to tackle Christiano much harder and much more often with the intent to hurt him.

Stay on your feet at all costs and you will gain the respect of everyone around you.

If I still haven’t convinced you that diving is cheating, take a look at this video and see just how embarrassing some players look and how they are turning the game of soccer into a Broadway theater act:

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