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Positions on the field are overrated.  When a player is assigned to a central midfield role, for example, he/she will limit the options to their game. The thought process goes something like this: If I’m playing center midfield, well then I can’t go there and I can’t do that.  I’m here to suggest that you shouldn’t get so attached to your position.  What’s more important is team movement.

Now don’t get confused.  For the purpose of the team, it is still very important that different players have different roles.  What I am suggesting, however, is that you should have the freedom of mind and of field to do what you would like, as long as the team moves appropriately.  If you are playing left wing and the momentum of the game brings you to the right side of the field, there should be enough communication and team awareness to fill gaps.

Above all else, your team should have a philosophy to which it sticks by.  If you are a defensive minded team that seeks counter-attacks, then the entire team should play accordingly.  However, players moving around and trying different things shouldn’t be punished.  Rather, and as I mentioned above, the players and coach should have enough awareness that other players move to the gaps in order to compensate for any holes.


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