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It’s good to have routines in soccer.  These include pre-game routines, training routines and routines that you do the week leading up to a big game.  Some players even become superstitious hoping that will be the difference in playing well or not.

When I say try something new everyday I am referring to the different moves in soccer. Whether it be in training or a game, take that opportunity as a chance to prove something. Don’t wait until a game to try-out your new move.  Try it every day in training and always do something new.  Make that your daily routine.

To keep matters simple for yourself, start with small changes to your game.  It could be as simple as always looking up when you have the ball; checking to a from the ball when you receive it; using more of your weaker foot; being more calm in front of the net when finishing; different body fakes and movement of your arms, hips and legs.  There are countless examples of things you can do to improve your game.

The very best players are always trying to improve and perfect different aspects of their game.  There is no reason why you can’t either.  Watch video of Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrating some of his fancy footwork.  Try some of these moves out.  Add them to your repertoire.  If you work on them everyday you’ll be surprised how much you’ve improved by the end of the season.

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