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I recently came across this goal from Portuguese side Vitoria de Guimaraes.  Many soccer players in North America haven’t even heard of this club.  When I heard Manchester United signed one of their strikers, Bebé, I had to look them up.  Scoring a goal like the one below is extremely difficult and requires much practice but there are a few things one can learn from watching it over and over again that will help you perfect scoring a goal like this.

  • Do not to try strike the ball as hard as you can!  There is absolutely no need since the ball already has a lot of momentum coming at you.  Many players feel they need to add further momentum to the ball and end up kicking the ball 30 feet over the net.
  • Key your eye on the ball and position your body early so that you only have to go through the ball.  Do not distract yourself with the goalie and defenders around you.
  • Remember to land on your shooting foot.  This should always be the case when striking a ball but couldn’t be more important when striking a cross like this.  Landing on the shooting foot will help keep the ball down.  Not only that you are driving all the energy from your body, leg and snapping knee-down motion through the ball.  As a result the ball will have tremendous power behind it and be very difficult to stop.  It could also be deflected and cause trouble for the goalie.

Enjoy these next volley goals from Real Madrid.  A couple of my favorite goals from this highlight series include Steve McManaman and Zinadine Zidane.  Remember don’t be afraid to try this if you are within shooting range.  Enjoy!

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