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How Badly Do You Want to be a Soccer Player?

How badly do you want to be a soccer player?  I mean really, how bad do you want it?  When is the last time you worked on your conditioning?  Your right foot…and your left? How often are you training with the ball?  What about your weaknesses, are you working on them?  How many balls have you shot this week? Were you expecting to magically be a better player this upcoming season?  While you hope things get better, players who really want it are taking action.  Become better…

Over and over, I have seen players do little-to-no work in the off season and then come back into training camp the next year hoping things will be better this time around…I have been a victim of this myself.  Realistically, though, who are we kidding? In order to become a better soccer player, you have to put the time/effort in to being a better soccer player.  Professional athletes spend days on end trying to improve in order to come back next year a better player.  Rather than “relax”, these players work on facets of their game that need improvement.  The harder you work the more prepared you’ll be.

Take Christiano Ronaldo as an example.  When he first joined Manchester United he was a skinny quick footed trickster.  Fast forward to his recent playing days in Real Madrid and he has morphed himself into one of the best players on the planet.  He has added a lethal free-kick to his game; he has added muscle to his upper and lower body; he has become a constant goal scoring threat; and the list goes on.  The point is, he didn’t wake up one morning and suddenly have this outrageously impressive shot that he never had before.  He spent days on end perfecting his shot, his body and his game…it pays off.

Don’t allow yourself to be lazy.  Rather than taking the easy way out, ask more of yourself.  Challenge yourself to achieve worthwhile goals.  If you really want to become a good soccer player, you have to show you want it and train, train, train…

Ivan Bobanovic

By Ivan Bobanovic

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