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Creativity is born and nourished on the practice field.  When you try new things and different things on the practice field, and continue to practice them, you then develop skills that you didn’t have before…skills that no one had before.  That is the whole point of creativity: try something no one else is trying.

In a basketball game between the Chicago Bulls and Denver Nuggets when Mutombo was just a rookie, Michael Jordan and Mutombo were exchanging some words while Jordan was about to shoot a foul shot.  Before shooting, Jordan got Mutombo’s attention then took the shot with his eyes closed.  After having scored he told Mutombo — and I quote — “Welcome to the NBA.”

Jordan was asked about the shot after the game and he told reporters that what many people don’t know is that he has attempted that shot time and time again in practice with his eyes closed.

Jordan’s gesture was not an arrogant gesture.  In my mind, this was a moment of creative brilliance.

The point of this story is to show you that when you try different things in practice, you expand your technical vocabulary and add different dimensions to your game.  In doing so, you help the game of soccer advance and become more dynamic.  What this does is challenge players around the world to be better or do better.  In creating this competitive atmosphere, you help the game become better than it is.

Here is another perfect example of creativity.  In a recent match for Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo was seen making a pass with his back…yes, his back:

This didn’t happen by chance, Ronaldo had tried this many times in practice.  Eventually, he was provided with the opportunity to show this new trick in a game.

Players don’t suddenly perform moves, tricks or passes in a game that they have never done before.  All the creativity and skill is developed in practice.  If you have never tried the back pass in a practice, are you going to try it in a game?  I don’t think so.

So, at your next training session, allow your mind and your body to be free.  Watch soccer games and soccer video’s and see things you would like to learn.  If it is as simple as learning the step-over move, or as difficult as the bicycle kick, you have to learn it first and then practice it over and over before you can showcase it to the world.

What are some creative things you have been working on?  Goalden would love to see your skill and post it for the world to see.   Lets see it, what do you got?

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