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Many soccer players spend hours training on the field perfecting their skills hoping to one day receive a scholarship so they can play varsity soccer.  They put together highlight videos and market themselves to coaches across the country. Then they have the attention of several different varsity coaches.   However, despite all of their efforts many athletes put aside the importance of education, more specifically preparing for the SAT exam.

All high school students (Canadian or American) are required to write the SAT test if they wish to play college soccer. Scoring well on the exam can only open more doors for you.  How so?  Firstly, there’s the obvious of receiving more scholarship money but this time academic scholarships.  This can be extremely important when being recruited by smaller schools that often don’t have a lot of athletic scholarships.  This can still be a possibility with division 1 schools but is often the case with division 2, division 3, and NAIA schools.

The truth is most schools receive money from the other sports programs aside from soccer.  American football produces a lot of money and as a result some of that money is used to help the smaller varsity programs including soccer.  However, some schools don’t have American football and as a result have to find money from other sources. This is why scoring well on the SAT is so important.

Scoring well on the SAT exam is also another way to receiving a full scholarship.  Perhaps your coach will offer 60% athletic scholarship while the remaining 40% will be covered through academic scholarship.  Also, if you are Canadian being recruited to an American school, scoring well on the SAT test can greatly help in the situation that your high school grades actually become lower once they have been converted to the American grading system.

At the end of the day receiving a soccer scholarship requires a lot of effort behind the scenes and away from the soccer field. Do not neglect the SAT test.  Write it early in your high school years so that you can re-write it and score higher the second time around. If possible, I recommend hiring a tutor who can help you prepare as this is a specific exam that examines specific areas of your knowledge.  The exam is different than other exams you’ll take throughout high school and deserves special attention on its own.

End of the day, scoring well on the SAT test will only open up more doors for you.  With that being said, take the time to prepare and create more opportunities for yourself.


  • Marcelo says:

    hi, my name is marcelo and im currently living in brasil, im american and i was wondering how can i get a soccer test or something for a college. i currently play soccer in brasil and im in my last year, and i wanted to go back so badly to the US to play some soccer, and how does the school scholership work??

    thank you.

  • Philip MacDonald says:

    Hi Marcelo,

    Thanks for writing in. Take a look through some of our other blogs regarding college scholarships and the recruitment process. We go into more detail there. But for starters decide what area of the country/schools you are looking to be recruited to, decide what division you are going to concentrate on (DI, DI, DIII, NAIA) and decide how the coaches who make the decisions will see you play. Make sure to have a video of yourself available. If possible, get yourself to a showcase tournament or ask the coaches directly where they will be when they do their scouting and then figure out how you will get there.

    Having contacts i.e. former players from the school or a network to the program can always help bring your name forward. However, it’s all up to you once you’re in a front of the coach. It’s not an easy process and there is a lot of homework involved…but it’s worth it! Good luck,


  • Shayan Nafees says:

    Hello Sir
    My name is Shayan and i ‘m 16 years old
    doing hardwork to be a soccer player.
    but i am in Pakistan what should i do for the sat test and for soccer please help sir

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