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Attacking Tips For Wingers

Many soccer players feel that if they can successfully dribble one or two defenders they have done their job.  This is especially true for wingers.  However, there are a few things to consider if you are a winger that can help you become a very dangerous player.  These are simple but effective parts of the wingers role.  They can also be used for other positions of the field including central midfield but can be used most often on the wing.

  • Always watch the goalie to see where he is positioned on the line.  The best dribblers are often looking (when nobody else is) to catch the goalie off his line and shoot from distance.  Watch video of David Beckham surprise everybody by scoring a goal from half.  Note that sometimes it is the little things that separate the best of players.
  • If you are a fight footed shooter is good to play the left wing.  This way, when on attacking with speed you can make one quick step to the inside and shoot from the edge of the 18 yard box.  The key here is to run straight with speed and then make one quick step to the inside.  One step is all that is required to get the shot off which is something many wingers overlook.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to do continuous dribbling in order to be effective.  And if the defender blocks your shot (which is unlikely if the step is performed with speed) then there is a chance for a deflection and or rebound.  The same applies if you are left footed. You can play the right wing and cut in with your left so that you are on your stronger shooting foot.
  • Speed is the name of the game when playing the wing.  The good thing to remember is that defenders often have it more difficult because most of their runs are backwards and or involve turning around and running back where as the majority of your runs are forward.  One of my favorite moves when playing the wing is to run with speed at the defender and makes the simple cut right and left, and then back right again.  This is a great way to throw a defender off balance and create an opening for yourself to shoot, run closer to the net or pass the ball.  Ryan Giggs performed this to perfection vs Arsenal in the 1999 FA Cup semi final.  Watch video of him below and try to incorporate this move along with your others.  However, if you can master this move as a winger you won’t need many other tricks to beat defenders.

Philip MacDonald

By Philip MacDonald

The idea for Goalden is to help other soccer players of all ages improve the many different aspects of their game. We began coaching youth teams and watching youth soccer all over Ontario. We watched semi-professional and professional teams and noticed how far the game still has to develop here. From that, we decided we want to help others obtain the best information as early as possible in their soccer careers. We want to educate readers about the game of soccer and the fine details that are often overlooked by coaches in North America.

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