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When you are dribbling the ball, it is extremely important that the ball stays very close to your foot at all times.  Your foot should act as a velcro to the ball.  But why is this?  Whats the benefit of dribbling this way?

The closer the ball is to your foot, the quicker you can react to any scenario.  Defenders look to attack a player when the ball is furthest from their foot.  If the ball is significantly away from your foot, the defender will have stolen the ball or kicked it away before you can get a touch.  If you’re constantly touching the ball however, the defender can never decide when to attack.  As a result, you will always have defenders off balance.

It is very important to practice this and become comfortable with touching the ball frequently when it is in your possession.  Here is a great exercise to help you in bettering your technical abilities.  Notice how often she touches the ball and how impressive it becomes as she picks up the speed in which she goes through the cones.  Dribbling quickly in small areas will do wonders for your skill:

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