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As many of you may or may not know, one of the biggest soccer tournaments in the world is quickly approaching: the UEFA EURO Cup 2012.    Here is how you can have a direct influence on that tournament…

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) was founded in 1954. It is comprised of 53 European associations and is headquartered in Nyon, Switzerland. Its ultimate priority is to organize national and club-level competitions across Europe. UEFA is the wealthiest and most influential organization over the game of football. Since 1960, the UEFA European Football Championship has been held every four years in member countries. In 2000, for the first time, the tournament was held by two neighboring countries, Netherlands and Belgium.  In 2012, once again, the games will be held by neighbors Poland and Ukraine.

As part of the preparation for this event in front of a star-studded audience in Warsaw, Poland, the mascots were unveiled.  Now, the organizers need your help naming them.

As explained by a member of the co-host Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU), Grigoriy Surkis:

“The two mascots represent the joint effort and commitment of both countries and their football associations to organise a successful EURO 2012,” explained Surkis. “We share the same ideas and we are looking forward to the fun of the tournament. The only thing that separates the mascots is that each of them will support a different team.

UEFA, along with its organizers, are asking you to help them name the mascots.  Help choose which of the following sets of names you prefer and have a direct influence in helping mold the UEFA EURO Cup for 2012.  Vote here before December 3, 2010.

• Slavek & Slavko
• Siemko & Strimko
• Klemek & Ladko

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