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Ian Holloway’s rant against FIFA and the 2022 World Cup

It’s about time someone in the professional football world speak-up and against the 2022 World Cup decision. Most recently Blackpool manager, Ian Holloway, shared his thoughts on FIFA considering a winter 2022 World Cup. Yes that is correct…a winter world cup. Best part is he didn’t hold back from saying what a lot people around the world are thinking.

In case you’re wondering what’s going to happen to all the professional leagues in the world during this time period FIFA is suggesting a six week break during mid season. I can guarantee this won’t go over well with any professional managers.

OK so part of Qatar’s entire pitch to FIFA was they would have 25 indoor stadiums each with air conditioning to accommodate the games since the weather would be too hot. And now after winning the vote to host the tournament Qatar has approached FIFA about having a winter world cup.

Holloway goes on to suggest that the whole lot at FIFA should be sacked. He says Blackburn should do the sacking (making reference to the new Blackburn owners who sacked Sam Allardyce this week). He then mentions FIFA president Sepp Blatter and finally EUFA president Michael Platini in the group that should be sacked. After all, it is becoming obvious that many pockets were lined based on these decisions.

Holloways interview is entertaining but more importantly you can tell he is dead serious about his statements and it is people like this that the football world needs. The game needs people to speak the truth and voice their opinion because there is so much corruption at the top that it is hurting the integrity of the game.

Truth is Ian Holloway likely didn’t say half of what he wanted to say. Nevertheless, it is refreshing to hear comments like this. And he did finish the interview off nicely with “Happy Christmas.”

Check out the interview. I hope to hear more like this.

Philip MacDonald

By Philip MacDonald

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