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Is this a goal?

When two teams that have the calibre of Manchester United and Tottenham of the English Premier League meet, there is bound to be some controversy.  This passed weekend (Oct 30, 2010), the two sides met in what proved to be a very good, but dramatic, game.  While Manchester United was leading 1-0, this following incident occurred:

Nani of Manchester United was initially tugged by the Tottenham defender Kaboul, but did not go down.  This should have been a foul against Kaboul, but nothing was called.  Once Nani took a few more strides and realized he could not reach the ball, Nani fell to the ground.  This should have been  foul called against Nani for simulation, but nothing was called.  In falling to the ground, Nani visibly handles the ball.  This, again, should have been foul against Nani, but nothing was called…well, so we think.  Everyone on the field seemed to think the hand ball was called against Nani, including the Tottenham goalkeeper Gomes.  Gomes collects that ball and puts it down as if it is a foul and he is going to kick it away.  Nani, after having rolled around, gets up and realizes no whistle was blown.  He almost mischeviously looks at the referee a few times and then shoots the ball into the net.

At the end of all this chaos, the goal stood!  Nani’s goal is perfectly legal as no whistle was blown.  In your eyes, should this be considered a goal or shouldn’t it be considered a goal?

By Ivan Bobanovic

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