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P.S ( No Cheating , Answers at bottom of the Page )

1. Who won the first World Cup ?
2. What year was the first World Cup held ?
3. Which country holds the Most World Cup Titles ?
4. Where was the first World Cup held ?
5. Which country has been beaten the most times in the final ? (Hint:: Lost 3 times)
6. Which country is the only one to have played in every World Cup ?
7. What type of animal was the 1966 World Cup Mascot ?

8. Which 40yr old captained the 1982 World Cup Winners ?
9. Which country won the World Cup in 1998 ?
10. Robert Prosinecki is the last person to hold this honor, What is it ?
11. Who is the only person that has won 4 World Cup Medals
12. Which player, in the 1986 World Cup, scored a goal with his head and “The hand of god”?
13. How many countries have actually won the World Cup ?
14. Where was the 2006 World Cup held ?
15. Which team in 2002 beat Samoa 31-0, but failed to qualify for the World Cup ?
16. How many countries competed in the first World Cup?
17. Who was the oldest player ever to play in the World Cup ?
18. Who was the youngest player ever to play in the World Cup ?
19. How fast was the quickest goal ever scored in a World Cup game ?
20. How many times has the host country won the World Cup ?

1. Uruguay
2. 1930
3. Brazil (5 times) 1958,1962,1970,1994,2002
4. Uruguay
5. West Germany (1966,1982,1986)
6. Brazil
7. Lion
8. Dino Zoff
9. France Defeated Brazil 3-0
10. Last Player to play for two separate countries in World Cup Finals (Yugoslavia 1990 & Croatia 1998)
11. Zagallo. 2 times as a player (Sweden ’58 & Chile ’62) 1 as Coach (Mexico ’70) & 1 as assistant coach (USA ’94)
12. Maradona, Argentina
13. Seven (Brazil 5 times) (Italy 3 times)(Germany 3 times)(Uruguay 2 times)(Argentina 2 times)(England 1 time)(France 1 time)
14. Germany
15. Australia
16. Thirteen. (Argentina, Chile, Yugoslavia, Uruguay, USA, Paraguay, Bolivia, Mexico, Romania, Belgium, France, Brazil & Peru)
17. Roger Milla 1994 (Camaroon) 42yrs & 39days old. Last World Cup game against Russia
18. Norman Whiteside (Northern Ireland) 17yrs & 41 days. Against Yugoslavia in 1982
19. It was the 11th second when Hakan Sukur scored the quickest goal in World Cup history in Turkey’s 3-2 win over South Korea to claim third place in Soccer World Cup 2002.
20. Six (6)


• Bora Milutinovic coached in every tournament between 1986 and 2002 – but for different teams: Mexico, Costa Rica, USA, Nigeria and China.
• Two players have scored in four successive finals tournaments? Both Pele of Brazil and Uwe Seeler of West Germany have scored in the finals of 1958, 1962, 1966 & 1970.
• The most common surname of World Cup players is Gonzalez or Gonzales. The most common score in a World Cup finals match is 1-0.
• Hungary holds the record for the highest scoring beatings – beating El Salvador 10-1 in 1982 and South Korea 9-0 in 1954.
• The highest attendance at a World Cup match was 199,854 at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janerio for the 1950 decider between Uraguay and Brazil.
• Shirt swapping was once officially prohibited in 1986 because FIFA did not want players to ‘bare their chests’ on the field.
• No European team has won a World Cup played outside of Europe.
• Five teams have been unbeaten but not the champions in the same finals. Those unbeaten teams are: Scotland in 1974 (1 win, 2 draws), Brazil in 1978 (4 wins, 3 draws), England in 1982 (3 wins, 2 draws), Cameroon in 1982 (3 draws), Belgium in 1998 (3 draws).
• Players first wore numbered shirts in World Cup finals during the 1938 finals in France
• Only two continents have won the World Cup, Europe with eight wins and South America with nine. No African or Central/North American or Asian team has ever won the World Cup.
• The official 2010 World Cup Mascot is named Zakumi.
• Zakumi is a humanized leopard with green hair.
• The top all-time World Cup scorer was a Frenchman. In 1958, Just Fontaine of France scored a whopping 13 goals during the tournament.
• 12 is the highest number of goals scored in a single World Cup match, by Austria and Switzerland (7-5) in 1954.
• Latest goal was scored by Alessandro Del Piero of Italy, in their semifinal match against Germany in 2006 after 121 minutes.
• First player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup match was United States’ Bert Patenaude who did this against Paraguay in the first round of the 1930 World Cup.
We hope you had fun and will amaze your friends with your incredible World Cup trivia knowledge

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