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When playing soccer it is important to develop the skills and mindset necessary to create offensive opportunities for yourself and your teammates rather just playing the game.  What I mean by this is to be a game changer.

I have played with many players who have had technical abilities, were in great shape and/or were great possession players.  Although when the game was on the line these players would not score or create a moment of brilliance to change an entire game.  Basically, when we needed a goal they were not the players to look for on the pitch.

However, one such player with the ability to change a game was Brazilian legend Garrincha.  When soccer enthusiasts reflect on great Brazilian players of the past, there are typically a handful of other players named before Garrincha. However, Garrincha had the gift of the gab and must be mentioned right up there with the best of them.  He is best known for his dribbling abilities.

Watch the video below to have a better understanding of his body movements with and without the ball.

Note that compared to many of todays dribblers, Garrincha, rarely touched the ball yet was faster than any player around him.  He also displayed strength and skill that could match any defender today.   Fortunately, his dribbles and fakes are rather simple to reproduce.  Try them in practice and eventually in a game.  You’ll be surprised at the success rate.  In the end they will enhance your dribbling abilities, make you a more dangerous player and eventually one that can change the outcome of a game.

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