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Life or death

Another players collapse in the middle of a game has sent shock waves through the world.  In the 33rd minute of an Italian Serie B game between Livorno and Pescara, midfielder Piermario Morosini collapsed and died. Morosini was 25 years old.

Medical staff immediately tended to Morosini who slipped into a pharmacological coma before passing away. reports that Dr. De Blasi stated: “It was a cardiac arrest. He arrived dead at the hospital, he never recovered.”

Adding to the doctor’s words, Pescara president Daniele Sebastiani told Tuttomercatoweb: “Unfortunately, they tell me now that the boy has died. He had three cardiac arrests, one after the other. I have no words, really…”

The tragedy comes at a time where players collapsing on the field has become a serious issue.  Just one month ago, Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba collapsed.  Luckily, Muamba is now recovering.

Puerta Bonita defender Sergio Granero was victim to a heart attack just one day after Muamba’s incident.  He survived and is also recovering.

This is a very serious topic and requires as much attention as possible.

I feel like we often forget professional athletes are humans, not machines.  We’ve become accustomed to seeing players, in any sport, play at unbelievably high levels.  In order to maintain this level, athletes have to train extremely hard.  At times, though, they train too hard.  When you demand something from your body of this magnitude, you might be asking too much.  Like any system that is overexerted, the ultimate result is a complete system failure.

Although these incidents are few and far between, they’re a legitimate worry.  My suggestion is that the world of soccer, and sports at large, begins to have very directed and specific conversations about this issue.  Why is this happening?  We know we can’t avoid these tragedy’s, but how are we making sure teams are best equipped to deal with this?  How do I know?

Even more specifically, I suggest that a team/committee be assembled and appointed to analyze the issue and deal with it.

By Ivan Bobanovic

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Sometimes when I play I try to give my best. I can feel heart beating and my stomach hurting but I still try not to stop and catch and chase down the attacker. Does play like this cause heart attack?

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