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So much for Liverpool’s chances of doing anything this season. Star forward Luis Suarez has been Liverpool’s main man in attack and in fine form this season.  Acquiring Luis Suarez was the best thing that happened to them in a long time. All of that changed though on October 15th 2011 when Suarez decided to racially abuse Manchester United defender Patrice Evra several times throughout and after their game.

The FA did their own investigation into the matter and it was concluded that Suarez did in fact verbally abuse Evra up at 15 times throughout the game. As a punishment, Suarez will receive 8 games suspension and a small fine (in comparison to his weekly salary).

First Suarez’s actions are beyond acceptable. Suarez is a fantastic player but I have lost all respect for this type of individual. He has given himself a bad image and certainly did not represent his club well with these actions.

As for football, he’s left Liverpool in a transition state where they’ll have to make do without him and hope that he can produce instant results when he returns from his lengthy ban. End of the day, Suarez’s actions were classless and rightfully should be punished. In fact, Liverpool should be fining him for these actions but good luck with that happening. As I began this article, Liverpool have already imploded on this season. They are nowhere near the top of the table and aren’t even Champions League contention for next season. Hopefully others learn from this and don’t repeat the same senseless acts.

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