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Luis Suarez is a disgrace to football. You’d think after being found guilty of racist remarks and receiving an eight game ban he would put everything behind when he faced Manchester United at Old Trafford. Instead of shaking hands with Man Utd captain Patrice Evra, the recipient of Suarez’s racist remarks, Suarez’s opted to take the cowardly route and not shake hands with Evra thus rekindling soccer racism tensions.

Suarez should be a man, be a professional and represent his club the proper way. There is nothing wrong with shaking hands with Patrice Evra, even if you are still upset with him for whatever reasons those may be (you’re on your own on that one). But taking the cowardly rout is such an embarrassment to yourself, your club and the game of soccer.

After the 2-1 victory for United, Sir Alex Ferguson shared his opinion and shed light on a couple issues that many people may have overlooked. Here’s what the United boss had to say :

“I couldn’t believe, I just could not believe it,””Patrice told me this morning, ‘I’m going to shake his hand, I’ve nothing to be ashamed of.’ But then Suarez refuses. He’s a disgrace to Liverpool Football Club.”

“Some players should not be allowed to play for Liverpool again, the history that club’s got, and he does that. In a situation like today he could have caused a riot.”

“I was really disappointed in that guy, it was terrible what he did. It created tension, you saw the referee, he didn’t know what to do about it. It caught him off guard.”

“It was a terrible start to the game and a terrible atmosphere it created.”

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has oddly enough continued to back Luis Suarez which only hurts his own reputation.

Watch video of the missed handshake. Anyway, hopefully all of this can be put to rest.

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