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One of my biggest frustrations is when players pass the ball in the air when they could have given it to my feet.  The point of a pass isn’t to just get me the ball, the point of the pass is to get me the ball to my feet so that I can make a quick decision without having to worry about bringing the ball under control first.

Goalies.  When you have the ball in your hands and you are going to make a short outlet pass with your arm, roll the ball to your teammate, do not give them a bounce pass or a pass to their upper body.  If you roll it to their feet, they can quickly make a play.  If you give it to them bouncing, or in the air, they first have to bring it down and then they can make a decision.

Throw-ins.  When a player opens himself/herself, throw it to their feet.  Do not throw it to their chest, their head, their knee and etc.  A player is most effective with the ball at their feet, so give it to their feet.   The person throwing the ball in has all the time in the world and no one bugging them; be patient and make the right pass.

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