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Whatever the purpose of your highlight video there are solid ways to go about creating the best video out there.  After all, who wouldn’t want a great highlight video?  However, many people create videos that do not help their cause or the viewer simply loses interest for reasons other than the content itself.  There are some things you can do though to help make your video stand out.  

You could pay someone to film your games, edit and create a highlight film of yourself or you could go about it a different way.  Instead, have a friend film your games and you can do the editing yourself in Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.  Both are simple to use and built into Windows and Mac computers. 

In addition to sending videos directly to coaches (who get many videos), you should also upload your video to any site and simply imbed the link to it can be seen by our ever growing community of coaches and players.  It’s a numbers game in terms of getting exposure and you want to have your video viewed by as many coaches and teams as possible.

How long should your highlight video be?  This all depends on the variety of skills that you intend to display.  If you are a forward we recommend showing as many goals as possible with one or two brief instant replays instead of a few goals with several instant replays. 

To continue with the forward example, having footage of you taking on defenders, creating assists, and goals is what counts.  Displaying your skill set inside the 18 yard box would be recommended.  Do you create your own goals by taking on defenders?  Are you a poacher who scores all his/her goals inside the box based on rebounds and defensive errors?  Do you score off of corner kicks?  These are the types of footage that must come into your mind with your video. 

With all of that being said, we recommend a video between seven and ten minutes.  People viewing them will have a better idea of the type of skill sets you offer within that period of time.  The idea here is if a viewer is interested in seeing more of you they can follow with you.

If you feel you have two solid minutes of you dribbling then perhaps creating a second video with this skill set alone would be best.  However, if you are showing your skill set off for the first time to someone then you want to display the variety of skills you have to offer otherwise you will eliminate yourself from the competition. 

Should you use subtitles within your video?  Keeping your video effects simple is best approach.  A brief introduction at the beginning of the video would be appropriate.  For instance include your name, date of birth, height, weight, position in the video, shirt number and contact information.  Then let your footage take over and leave the titles out until the end where you can input your contact information a second time.  Do not include flashy graphics and displays throughout the video as this can become a distraction to the viewer.

What kind of music should play in the background?  You do not want to eliminate a viewer because of the genre of music you selected for your video; however, there are some things to consider with regards to your music selection.  Leave out any lyrics with profanity.  Match the type of skills in your video with high energy music.  For instance, a jock jams song would likely be a better fit to your music than contemporary classic music.  Also consider music that does not have any lyrics at all.  This way the music can blend in to the background while you skills can take over.     

Now here’s the important part…depending on your position be sure your video shows many different skills that you offer.  This could include passing, crossing, free kicks, penalty kicks, tackling, heading, dribbling and goal tending depending on your position.  Including training footage along with game footage won’t hurt either.  You want to emphasize the many different skills and assets that you bring to a team.  After all, you never know what a coach is looking for and part of your video may catch his/her attention. 

Do you have a tip that worked for you?

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