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With much action to occur in the transfer market this summer we take a look at one of the best athletes set to grace the European stage. His name is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior but he is better known simply as Neymar. The not so tall, skinny but lightning quick forward has a bright future ahead of himself. He is able to attack any defender with extreme pace and smooth step overs that are mesmerizing to watch.

Despite his tremendous talents, Neymar’s game will grow enormously as he matures. He is only 19 years old and has only played five games for the senior national Brazilian team (of which he already has three goals). I especially love the plays where Neymar is on the spot, facing up a defender 1 v 1 and simply dances left, right, left and right again all without touching the ball. Then when the defender takes a lunge, he simply touches the ball past the defender and sprints by him.

As my Brazilian coach tells me, it’s not so much about moving your feet fast but your entire body. The full body fakes, shoulder lunges, hip fakes should all be incorporated into your movements. It is part of what make Brazilian soccer so exciting to watch.

As my coach tells me, Samba dancing is what it’s all about…All joking aside though, it makes perfect sense because if you can move your body properly it will help your game tremendously.

Watch Neymar in action. This is only the beginning of this exciting Brazilian talent. I can’t wait to see him in action in Europe and more with the national team.


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