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One World Futbol – the worlds most durable ball.

One World Futbol project is a mission driven business bringing the joy of playing soccer to anyone, anywhere, especially those living in harsh environments. Co-Founders Tim Jahnigen and Lisa Tarver, along with the helpful hand of celebrity musician and actor Sting, have embarked upon a journey of bringing smiles back to the faces of those who have lost everything.  You have to see it to believe it…

The One World Futbol is unlike any soccer ball you have ever seen in your life.  The skin of the ball won’t wear off no matter how abrasive the playing area. The ball requires no pump or needle and will never go flat even if punctured.

The ball came to be after co-founder Tim watched Darfus refugees – and people in other war zone areas – using trash, boxes, rocks and cans as soccer balls.  He then imagined creating a ball that would match the joy these kids had in playing “the beautiful game” of soccer.  “Give the ball to a child today, and their children’s children will be playing with it”, suggests co-founder Tim.  “The ball is as durable as their spirit.”

Tim’s dream has materialized: the creation of a ball that is the most durable in the world.  The most beautiful part of all this is that if you buy a ball, this foundation will provide a ball to a community in need.  Buy one give one!

You can read all about this ball and the project this foundation has embarked upon at

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