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Learn the outside curve shot

Due in large to the way we kick naturally, learning to curve the ball with the inside of our foot is an almost automatic process.  It takes some practice but we can easily establish a good curve.  Read here and here to learn the Beckham inside foot curve.  But what about the outside foot curve?

Curving with the outside of the foot is a different story.  It is one of the most uncomfortable shots to execute as well as one of the most difficult.  So why learn it?  Well, if you can learn to curve the ball with the outside of your foot, you add a dimension to your game you didn’t have before.  Best of all, if you can learn to add an outside curve to the ball when you’re shooting, your shot will be more powerful than the inside foot shot.

Just ask Roberto Carlos if the outside foot curve is lethal.  This is absolutely incredible; potentially the best free-kick of all time:

How do you learn this shot?

  • Point your toes towards the ground and keep a stiff ankle
  • Swing through the ball aiming slightly wide of the target
  • Hit the middle of the ball.  When you shoot through the ball, you will create the curve, not by hitting the outside of the ball
  • A common mistake is tilting your ankle to the outside thinking it will add a spin to the ball…it will spin, just not the spin you want.
  • Hit the ball with your shoe laces – ideally you want to hit it just to the right or left of the shoe laces depending on which foot you use.  Using too much of the outside foot will cause you to shank the ball.

If you were thinking “well no one is really using the outside of their foot anymore”…think again.  Watch Alex of Chelsea hit three absolute lasers recently in the English Premier League:

By Ivan Bobanovic

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