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Each of us has our own goals and strives to achieve them. We spend much of our time doing everything we can in order to accomplish what we set out to do. However, when it comes down it, the moment we are about to connect all the dots for some reason we begin to second guess ourselves. The only thing preventing us from moving forward is ourselves. We become our biggest weakness. Why is that? Perhaps because we are scared of the unknown? It could be that we don’t know how things will turn out and are not sure if we can handle failure or the unknown future. This may not occur to all of us but for many people the final stumbling block come from within.

In high school I made the decision that I wanted to play college soccer on a full scholarship to a division one school. It was a big decision and I began the process of trying to get recruited. I travelled to tournaments all over the United States and mailed highlight videos to coaches in addition to writing and calling them. I began networking with teams in the US so I could play as a guest player. I marketed myself online. I did anything I could think of to reach out to schools that were of interest to me. The entire process was new, difficult and frustrating at times. Many people within my inner circle had never tried or accomplished something like this. I had only heard or read of people who were successful in achieving this.

Fast forward after years of hard work, many ups and downs, when everything was about to come together I remember sitting back and thinking “this is it, everything I have worked for is now about to happen.” And for some strange reason I hesitated in the next step which was to take action.

I began chatting with some close friends who reminded me of all the work involved and how in a small way I was representing them. They had not been successful in receiving soccer scholarships, despite being more than good enough. They reminded me I would be representing them, our club and the city we grew up in. This push was what helped me get over the self dilemma I was having days before leaving for the US. Despite breaking a bone in my foot a week before leaving on scholarship there was no stopping me from living out this experience while I had the chance.

Each of us handles these situations differently and it is always easier to sit back and think you’ll follow through but not everyone does and for different reasons. When presented with a difficult choice and you need to make a decision. I like to make a list of all the pros and cons of taking the one path and then make a similar list of pros and cons with taking the other path. I rank each bullet point and then total them. Once everything is clearly thought out and put on paper the decision becomes easier to make. You can apply this method of decision making to other areas of your life.

Each of us knows within reason how far off we are from achieving our soccer dreams. That’s why I like to have several measurable steps on route to achieving those dreams. If you’re a long way off from achieving your dream don’t be sold on the idea that you’re just a few millimeters away from making it happen or that successful people do what failures won’t. There’s often way more involved in the pursuit of your dream that summing it up like that. If you are that close to realizing your dream and are stumbling in taking it by the horns then perhaps it is best to look close to home for advice and guidance rather than motivation speakers or pumped up coaches who give half time cheers.

Surely nobody can predict what’s going to happen next if you take the chance. Sometimes having faith is what you need to help you get over that last hurdle. Will your scholarship work out? Will something more come from it? Whatever your soccer dream is having faith and taking a risk is what it’s all about.

No matter the outcome I can guarantee that your conscience will feel better knowing you pursued your dream. It may not end up the way you wanted (or it may turn into something more) but it will certainly open new doors for you in your life.

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