5 steps to becoming a successful central defender

As the different formations used in soccer have been manipulated and re-created, much of the responsibilities of each position have remained the same – for the most part.  This holds especially true for the central defender.

The central defender is always the last line of defense (aside from the goalie) and is always the foundation of a successful team – the brain of a proper functioning system.

Here are 5 tips to becoming a successful central defender:

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Dallas Cup: THE Showcase Tournament

As with many things in life if you want something, go get it.  As one of my university professors once said “if you want change, you have to change yourself or your situation.  You’re crazy to expect better results if you’re doing the same thing over and over again.”  With that being said there are many soccer tournaments in North America that are great venues to participate in as a player that will expose you to the best players and top scouts around.

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The Good Proteins…there are bad ones?

In a game of soccer your muscles are being worked hard with all of the running and exercise involved.  Protein is an extremely important nutrient that must be consumed for muscle gain to take place.  Most athletes are not aware of the different types of proteins and how they affect your body.  When you finish this blog you will have a better understand what proteins to eat, how often and what it does to your body.

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What’s that about carbs, proteins and veggies?

In order to be fit the new season, it is important to plan your diet carefully and to make sure the plan is put into practice.  If you need to lose weight (carrying too much body fat can affect your performance) you should reduce the amount of fat in your diet or foods that lead to fat.  However, do not cut out fats completely.  Providing enough of the right sort of fuel for exercise (carbohydrate) will help to get the most out of training sessions and help to prevent fatigue toward the end of the match. 

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Bet You didn’t know this about Carbohydrates…

You need carbohydrates to get you through the day whether it be to work out, train on the pitch, play a game or quite simply so your body receives the right nutrients to function properly throughout the day.  Without proper carbohydrates you will feel weak, irritated and tired.  Do not eliminate carbohydrates from your diet despite the bad reputation they have received over the years for losing weight and becoming lean like most professional players. 

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9 Tips to Taking a Penalty-Kick

Taking a penalty kick is one of the most important parts of the game of soccer yet most teams practice this until the last moment.  Some teams forget to prepare for this heading into a tournament or cup games where the final result is decided through penalties. 

Most teams have one or two designated penalty kick takers.  It is important to practice taking penalties no matter your position or if you are the designated penalty kick taker.  You never know when you will be called upon so but if opportunity arises then follow these tips and they will surely help you score your goal.

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Role of the Midfield Winger

Many wingers think their sole responsibility is to run up and down the field, take throw-ins, corner kicks and be fast.  However, there is more to being a midfield winger than this.  Depending on the formation your team plays you will have different duties.   

4-4-2:  in this formation the wingers’ main offensive responsibility is to provide through-balls to the forwards, cross the ball into the 18 yard box when in the attacking third of the field, attack defenders with the ball and a lot of runs off the ball to receive passes from your teammates, specifically center midfielders. 

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Make Your Highlight Video Stand Out!

Whatever the purpose of your highlight video there are solid ways to go about creating the best video out there.  After all, who wouldn’t want a great highlight video?  However, many people create videos that do not help their cause or the viewer simply loses interest for reasons other than the content itself.  There are some things you can do though to help make your video stand out.  

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Forward movement for Forwards

Many players want to be a forward in the game soccer for the obvious reason scoring goals and having the glory that comes with each goal.  As you develop as a soccer player you will feel more comfortable in certain roles.  You will also begin to see true forwards emerge.  Ones that kind find a way to score no matter their speed, size or skill level.  When you develop a scoring touch you immediately separate yourself from the rest of your teammates.  Remember, the ball is round and anything can happen therefore you must be prepared for any possibilities. 

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The Need to Know about Cardio Training

There are various cardio routines available to the public but it is important to understand why you should run certain distances, intervals, speeds and laps of a track.  By having a better understand and appreciation it will give you a better idea how close or far off you are of achieving your ideal cardio conditioning and most importantly how prepared you are conditioning wise for soccer games.  The majority of running in soccer games are short burst of speed with non-stop continual jogging around the field as the play moves.  In order to be in your best shape there are specific steps that one should follow.

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