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Have you ever been on a break away or battling shoulder to shoulder with a defender while having the ball under your control and need to score a goal?  If you are a forward the answer is most likely yes.  How you chose to shoot is up to you but the one shot that requires a very high level skill to be performed under high pressure is the chip shot.  Chipping the ball over the goalie is a very risky move.  If successfully pulled off your status as a clinical goal scorer will only increase.

Performing the chip:

  • The goalie must be off his line.  By off his line, I mean at least the penalty spot. This way, if the goalie reads your chip and jumps to block it, the ball will still have enough time to drop below the cross bar into the net.
  • In the final moment before you shoot, you must be calm.  The more relaxed you are, the greater likely hood of being able to score with the chip shot.  Many players miss break aways due to anxiety.  They get all excited thinking they will score but at final moment needs to be performed calm, cool and collectively.

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