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I recently watched a video by the famous life coach Anthony “Tony” Robbins and couldn’t help but think that this is exactly what soccer players need to watch and hear.  Many people incorrectly label Tony as a motivational speaker.  Tony is not a motivation speaker, Tony is a life coach.  What’s the difference? A motivational speaker can be anybody; it is someone who understands all the trends that lead to success and then tells others about these theories.  Life coaches like Tony, on the other hand, are proven professionals.  He has actually taken his message, gone out into the world and challenged people to change their lives.  He has proven over and over that when you align your life goals with your life practices – or as Tony refers to it as “standards” and “rituals” – you can become better than ever at whatever it is you want.

So how does this idea of standards and rituals relate to sports?  Simple, the same principals that govern life are the principles that govern sports and vice-versa.  Watch this video by Tony and substitute your goals as a soccer player (or whatever sport it might be) into the scenario’s he suggests.  Take this exercise seriously as it can help change your life.

This is the 3rd movie in a 4 part seris.  If this video really intrigues you, watch the other video’s that make up this series.

…and?  Does it all make sense?  It should!  Once you set a standard in the athletic sphere of your life (i.e. be the best free-kick taker in the world) you begin to realize that it will take a lot of work to get there; you will have to develop rituals you perform everyday (i.e. stay after practice and shoot 100 extra balls).  As Tony mentioned, you won’t wake up one day and suddenly have this free-kick ability that no one has ever seen.  It is the work you put in on the practice field (behind the scenes) that will help you become the best in front of the public eye.

  • Write down exactly where you feel you stand today and write down where you want to be…be realistic, don’t lie to yourself.
  • Now write down everything you will need to do to get there.
  • Begin to practice this everyday at a certain time or a certain part of your day until it becomes a ritual.  Once it is a ritual, it will be embedded in your body and in your brain and you will always work at getting better and better until finally you are exactly where you want to be.

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