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OK this is just embarrassing! If you’re a Real Madrid fan here is another reason why NOT to be one. Real Madrid recently celebrated a goal with crotch slaps. Yes that is correct…crotch slaps. The embarrassing moment came after the 7th goal in their 8-0 Copa del Rey win over Levante. Whether you’re a Real Madrid fan or not this behavior has nothing to do with the game and only embarrasses anybody who enjoys the sport of soccer. 

It’s incredible to see how out of touch some professionals are, including the world football player of the year, Cristiano Ronaldo. What can we learn from this besides the immaturity and lack creativity on the part of Real Madrid players?  For one, be creative in your goal celebrations and two leave any sexual references out of it. What were these guys thinking?! I mean, C’Mon man!

Below are some celebrations that are more interesting, fun and memorable. Enjoy these and hopefully we never see anything like the crotch slap again.

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